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The Fifth Schedule of the Indian Constitution provides protection to the Adivasi (indigenous) people living in the Scheduled Areas. 

This Fifth Schedule is under threat of being amended to effect transfer of tribal lands to non-tribals and corporate bodies. 

The very survival and culture of 80 million tribal population of India is under threat.

This website presents the background of this crisis as a sequence of events. Action being taken to tackle the threat is also discussed.  

You may click through the following sections to read about the crisis. 

You may also use any material on this site. Some newspaper articles copied on this site may require acknowledgement of the original dateline and source. 

Scenes from the National Protest Convention

Click images to view scenes from the recent National protest convention. Click button on right for convention details.

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This Website is created by the National Campaign Against The Fifth Schedule Amendment. Click About Us to learn more.

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